I Love TJ Maxx

I really do. Honestly. It is by far one of my all time favorite places to physically go and shop. Being in college, brands matter more than you would think. Going to school in the south, a lot of people live for their Lilly, Vineyard Vines, Lululemon, Free People, and so much more. My budget doesn’t really allow any wiggle room to shop for anything name-brand at full price, because if that were the case I’d have to choose between gas money/food and clothing (the obvious choice being the gas money and food combo). There are a million reasons that TJ Maxx is heaven on earth, and I’m going to share a few of these reasons with you.

  1. While I can’t afford name-brand clothing/accessories/beauty products/anything on my budget anywhere else, TJ Maxx is the one place that I can afford to “splurge” on my favorites –  hairspray by Chi and the really nice Under Armour socks that I love for daily and gym wear – for HALF THE PRICE that they retail for.
  2. TJ Maxx is a one-stop shop. They have everything from men’s and women’s clothing to beauty products, tech-y stuff, kitchen ware/food items, shoes, luggage/purses, athletic gear, and home goods (ranging from bedroom accessories, to furniture, pillows, decorations, hangers, and so much more). I’m sure I forgot a few categories, but seriously, TJ Maxx has it all. Go and see for yourself. Be amazed!
  3. Have you ever had a gift exchange with a dollar limit? Don’t worry – TJ Maxx will always save your butt and get you some serious bang for your buck. $20 can go a long way, let me tell ya. Candles that normally cost $30/piece are anywhere from $5-10, and while you’re at it there are some great frames (about $7 depending on the brand for a 5×7) and mugs (usually $5 unless it’s premium). Bam. You’ve just put together a cute gift bag for your coworker on a budget.
  4. With trends constantly changing, my wallet can’t keep up with what’s “new and now” unless I play my cards right. I’m a constant regular at TJ Maxx because they’re continually updating what they have in stock – the products they have change with the seasons and latest trends, so there’s always something new to discover!
  5. I updated my entire bedroom at a minimal cost all thanks to TJ Maxx. I was expecting to be out a lot of money ($400+) by the end, when in reality it was just under $200. While that sounds like a lot, I did split the cost over time, and for how much I got, it was a steal.
    Here’s a break down of my purchases: brand new Calvin Klein comforter for a Queen size bed – I call it “the cloud” because that’s exactly how wonderful it feels ($60), huge mirror for my wall – approximately 5 feet by 3 feet ($30), new hand soap and toothbrush holder for my sink ($10), 3 sets of skinny hangers – the popular ones now that feel like felt/velvet ($30 total), an over-the-door hook for jackets ($7), a new bathmat for my sink ($10), new hand towels and larger bathroom towels ($20 total), and an assortment of throw pillows/actual pillows for my bed ($30).

All in all, TJ Maxx has a wide variety of products, name-brand and otherwise, that is constantly updated and beyond affordable. I am a Maxxinista and I am not ashamed to say it. I highly recommend for anyone on a budget (and anyone who isn’t) to check out your local TJ Maxx to see what awesome stuff you can find! While it can be hit or miss, persevere and I promise you too can find the best “steal” of your life!

IMG_9839 copy

See me^ (all the way on the left) – my outfit – boots (Blowfish), leggings (Max Jeans), flannel (Max Jeans) and my tank (Free People) under the flannel – is 100% purchased from TJ Maxx.


Less Money More Love,


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  1. lopessonia says:

    Really interesting article ! You are right when we are student our budget is very limited but with this brand it becomes accessible! than you i’m already on the website !

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