The 1 Year Rule

Closet cleanse. Major clean out. Purge.

We’ve all done it. When was the last time that you actually sat down and took the time to go through all of the clothes that you own? Probably forever ago. It takes forever, it’s tedious, and you end up spending forever reminiscing about “that one time I looked super cute and wore that top like 2 years ago” or “that dress, I can’t get rid of it because that guy told me I looked cute in it like 3 formals ago.”

Yes, it’s takes forever and can be tedious, but cleaning out your wardrobe gives you so many opportunities! 1 – by cleaning out your closet, you make room to get new things and consistently update your look! Yay for being trendy. 2 – you can sell and donate what you clean out – make money AND help people that need it! and 3 – organize organize organize. When you clean through your closet, you can rearrange everything to suit you the best, whether that’s by style or color or something else entirely, it just makes you feel good!

The basic rule of thumb – as I learned from my mom – is to go through your closet at least once per year. By cleaning through your outfits every year, you can sift through what’s out of style, what you haven’t worn at all, and what you can see yourself never wearing ever again.

Once you clean through your clothes, try selling them first! If they are gently worn or in excellent condition/never worn, resale is trending and I promise if you’re patient you can find a home for your clothes in need of love. I recommend facebook pages, shopping apps, and if you want to go somewhere in person – Plato’s Closet.

For Facebook:

  • Sorority Girl Swap & Sell
    • Easy to use and they don’t charge you to “list” your items
    • Keep in mind you do have to ship whatever you sell, so add on about $3-5 (or more if your item is heavy) to how much you want to sell your item for to cover that shipping cost!
    • Payment through PayPal and Venmo (a money transaction app for your phone) tends to be easiest
  • For HPU students – HPU Closet Exchange
    • List your items and don’t worry about shipping!
    • Meet up with whoever is interested, and that way they (or you if you’re the one shopping) can try on what you want before you commit
    • Use whatever payment method suits you best

Shopping App(s) – currently I just have one for you

  • Poshmark
    • User-friendly
    • You can sell on the app as easily as you can post a picture to Instagram. All you have to do is upload a picture, set a price, pick a category, and click “list” to get started!
    • Keep in mind Poshmark (and any shopping/selling app) keeps a percentage of what you make from your sale, luckily when you set your price, it shows you exactly how much you actually make (ex: I list something for $73, and I earn (when sold) $58.40)

Plato’s Closet (or another local resale shop)

  • Easy because you walk in and they tend to give you cash on the spot! They’re super nice and show you how much they can offer you for each item.
  • Downside – this gets you the least for your money, and they don’t always take anything. I use it as a last resort if I don’t get a bite on something anywhere else, but at least you get something for what you would otherwise donate or get rid of!


SO. Takeaway – do a major closet cleanse once a year, and when you do – sell what you can, donate the rest, and update your wardrobe (or do whatever you please with your earnings!).

Hope this helps you let go of that shirt that’s been sitting there forever (I know you have one. Everyone does.)


Less Money More Love,





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