So in my last post, I talked about clearing out your closet and reselling your clothes (as well as donating them!)

I got some questions about shopping apps and how to resell your clothes in a “safe” way – making sure you get your money, and you don’t get scammed! An app that I have more experience with than most is Poshmark. So here’s a quick little how-to with the app.

  1. Download the app – without the actual app (you can also access it online) you cannot post or sell anything, you can only search and purchase.
  2. Fill out your user info and profile! Add an email in there that you can access easily, that way when someone makes a purchase from “your closet” it is easy to find and print the shipping label. When you first set up your profile, it asks you questions about brands you like, your sizes, etc. Be as honest as possible! That information will influence what your “feed” looks like – essentially the equivalent of your Home Page on Facebook – posts from all different people you follow on the app that you can scroll through, and based on brands you select, the app will offer you options to see “Just In” listings of what you like!
  3. Take pictures of items you want to list and sell! Keep in mind that Poshmark is like Instagram in that every picture posted has to be a square (bizarre, I know). Also, only 4 images can be included per listing, so make sure you take photos that show off your clothes as well as possible! Take overall pics, and depending on the item (take shoes as an example here) take pictures from different angles!
  4. Select the small camera icon on the bottom middle of your app and you can “list” pictures from your camera roll. Name your item, add a description, then select a category, the brand, size, color, etc. Then, include the original price of your item (required – if you don’t know, I suggest just putting 0!), and the price that you want to list your item at. Know that Poshmark does take a percentage of whatever you list your item at. Lucky for you, the app shows you exactly what you earn from your listing price (example: if I list a shirt for $30, my earnings when sold is $24).
  5. Select Next (on the top right) and then select List!! Ta-da you did it!!
  6. You can then “share” your post with your followers. Additionally, Poshmark hosts “parties” – places you can share your listed items that fit a certain category. Examples being “wardrobe staples” and “boho chic.” If your item fits, share it there too! In the list screen, it will show you if a party is happening, and if one is, what category it is.
  7. Wait for people to bite at your fab gently-used clothing!

It makes life easy in such a technology-oriented world. You can literally purchase something (and sell something!) in just a few clicks. People will “favorite” listings and comment on them – much like Instagram – and then they can buy your item at the listing price, or make an offer on it! It is up to you whether you want to counter their offer, accept it, or decline it! Once something is purchased, the shipping label is automatically emailed to you, you print in out, stick it on a box (with your item in it) and send it off!

It really is that easy!!

I hope this helps you get a start with approaching the shopping and resale app world!


Less Money More Love,


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