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Most girls will attest to the fact that Pinterest is retail, how-to, wedding, food, and craft central (along with so much more). It’s a great place to learn (or attempt) to be a master chef, how to ball on a budget, and to DIY some awesome room accessories when you can’t afford to purchase the real thing.

So, let me share with you some of my personal favorite Pins.

  1. Asparagus Spinach Pesto Pasta with scrumptious Blackened ShrimpAsparagus-Spinach-Pesto-Pasta

Here’s the link to the recipe – and I promise, while it may look daunting, if yours truly (aka me) was able to conquer it, you can too! All I suggest is that you do some prep and measure ingredients out before you start, otherwise if you’re anything like me you might get overwhelmed. So good and so worth it, and hey, if you’re not big into shrimp, go dor some grilled chicken, or just the pasta by itself!

2. Ever wanted something cute to hang on the wall – that looks super artsy and cool – but don’t have the slightest clue what to do or how to do it? Here’s a super easy DIY for some magazine art! All you have to do is trace out a shape you love (whether that’s an animal, a circle, flower, or anything), cut thin strips of magazine pages, and then fit them into what you traced out and glue them down to get a super cool – dare I say boho – look. When I did this, I made an owl and just used some cardboard as my background, but really you can do anything!!

DIY Magazine Art

3. Sharpie mugs. I love these. They are super easy to make and so cheap *hint hint they make a super cute personalized gift*

I love this set of instructions, because the sticker example is perfect if you’re lost and have nowhere to start! It’s helpful for artists of all ages and skill levels, too! Honestly, I just highly recommend trying it out if you haven’t yet, because you really can put anything you want on a mug.


4. What I like to call the Zoey 101 Key Hack. For anyone my age, I truly hope that in your childhood you got to appreciate a full dose of the TV Show Zoey 101. For those of you that didn’t get to experience the greatness of the show, Zoey I think was definitely the original Pinterest queen between transforming backpacks and turning her room key into the ultimate accessory.

If you’re anything like me, you mix up your keys. I have a lot on my key ring and believe me, it gets confusing when they all look the same. If you’re a student on campus with keys that are returned at the end of the year, STAY AWAY FROM THIS ONE. Wait until you have some more permanent keys in your possession for this one.

All you need is nail polish, some scotch tape, and a key!

Zoey 101 Key Hack

As seen in the picture^ it helps you distinguish between your different keys (you can think to yourself *ah, yes, yellow means home, perfect!*) in no time at all.


I hope you enjoy some of these simple Pinterest ideas! I am about to try a homemade face mask, so let’s hope my Pinterest recipe doesn’t fail me.


Until next time,



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  1. lmcaffey says:

    These are such great ideas! I love looking on Pinterest, and I always find the cutest decorating ideas and new recipes to try out. I have a huge collection of coffee mugs, but I would love to add to it with a sharpie mug. And I totally agree about getting my keys mixed up. That is a smart and cute way to keep them all straight!

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  2. This is so cute! I love to use Pinterest for all kinds of hacks & recipes and such but my favorite on your list was the Zoey 101 keys. That was definitely one of my favorite shows growing up and painting your keys is such as easy, cost-effective way to differentiate them. I also plan to make the sharpie mugs at some point in my future.. how can you not when it’s such a simple process!

    Liked by 1 person

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