High Point Furniture Market

It happens twice a year – April and October, and let me tell you, it’s a crazy time.

If you ever get the chance to work during High Point Furniture Market (or any other market that’s similar) as a student, I highly recommend you take it for so many reasons. Whether gaining experience with communication, improving your people skills, networking, or just plain making a little extra money, it is worth the experience.

The networking opportunities are endless.

  • Networking within the company that hires you and with people that walk through the door of the showroom you are working at is easy and fun. Talk to people! Bring a business card for yourself (even if all it has is your name and contact information), talk to them about what they do, where you’re from, and genuinely show interest. People want to help you, and typically those at market have the means to do so. Internships and jobs are offered more often than not, and can lead to opening so many doors for you.

Your people skills will grow tenfold.

  • If you get a job like me, you will scan people’s badges, talk to them, see what they need, and get the appropriate sales rep or showroom manager to assist them based on their geographic location. With that, it gives you the opportunity to talk to the people that you are working with and with designers and business owners, both nationally and internationally. You get people of all ages with all different temperaments, and sometimes they are not very happy, You learn to deal with people politely and enthusiastically regardless of their reaction to you, and that is an invaluable skill.

You make money!

  • Market jobs are definitely great short term job to make good money. Typically you can find a job ranging anywhere from $10-25/hour, and let me tell you, it adds up so fast. Market gives you a ton of hours in just a few days, and makes the long days feel that much more worth the early mornings and late nights. In essence, you are being paid to network while being given free food and the chance to attend a free concert or two and some parties! How can you say that’s not a good deal?


If you ever have the chance, give market a shot. Working for Nourison the past 2 markets has been so rewarding for me, and I know it can be for you too!

Until next time,


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